Listening to your customers is not good enough.

Customers today expect you to be listening and then making constant changes to make your product or service better for them. Ideally, before they even know they want it.

They expect it. Technology updates have made it OK that you’re not perfect today, but you better be making continuous updates that make your experience better for me.

Listening to your customers is an every day activity. Gaining new insights drives all of your innovation.

Recently I’ve noticed that my Uber and Lyft cars have been kind of crappy. The standards are a bit low for my tastes. I’ve actually started to take taxis from the airports in some cities. They’ve upgraded their cars and there is no waiting around.

Well, as always Uber is anticipating my needs. Today when I landed in Dallas I had the option for an UberX for $26 or an Uber Comfort for $32. Uber black was $77. Too expensive for my taste even though the client is paying.

Hmmmm…what the heck is Uber Comfort? Says it’s extra leg room and nicer, newer car. I’m in a brand new SUV that still smells brand new. Extra $6 for a 30 min ride? I think yes.

They heard the feedback and segmented their market. They created a win/win/win. I get what I want for a price I’m willing to pay, the driver makes more money and a bigger tip, and Uber makes more money. And you know who doesn’t have Comfort class? Lyft and Taxis.

Recently I had been checking both Uber and Lyft and just taking whichever had the lower price. Now I’m a solid Uber Comfort user.

What new customer insights have you gained this week, or this month? What’s your action plan? How have you created an organization that is adept at listening, and then taking action?

I don’t agree with you! It’s nice when people agree with us. It’s comfortable. It makes us feel…